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Sky Staffing Solutions doesn’t just help you look for a job. We make sure you find one. By understanding your experience and career goals, we develop a job search plan customised to your needs. We make sure to create the perfect match between you and your future employer by combining your requirements as well as theirs. Finding a job in Ireland has truly never been this easy.

Sky Staffing only works with the best companies in the business, which ensures you receive the utmost attention from people who can truly change the direction your career is headed towards. So, fill up the form you see here and get ready to push your way to the front of the job market by letting us help you find the perfect job in Ireland.


Get in touch with us to let us know what type of work you’re looking for and given our whole list of job vacancies, we're sure to find the positions that interest you most.


At Sky Staffing Solutions, we want you to succeed and uploading your CV is the first step towards achieving that goal. If you want to read more about our company, what we do and our core values, check out the About Us section. Additionally, reach out to us for inquiries by filling out the contact us form.

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