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Curriculum Vitae

General Operative- Factory

This role is based in a manufacturing site in Co. Cork. You don't need to have previous experience. However, if you have previous work experience as an assembly operator, this will be beneficial. 




Accommodation is a shared bedroom with a single bed, and usually, each property has between 5-8 persons per house, mainly 5 per 3-bed house.


The cost of accommodation is €20 weekly. Utilities are paid collectively, and all tenants sign house rules. If there are any problems, you will be asked to move out.




The company bus collects you each morning at 7 AM approximately and will drop you at the plant site. You will be at the site until 6 PM (Monday - Friday) and 5 PM on Friday. You will be back in your town by 6:40 PM and 5:40 PM, respectively.


The cost of the bus is €6 weekly. 

You need to be fit with no underlying issues as a full medical tests will be conducted by the employer.

Other additional benefits will include: Pickup from the Dublin airport to your accommodation, assistance with setting up bank account and PPSN

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